All You Need to Know About Euro Pallets

If you have not heard about EPAL and want to learn more about how the scheme can benefit your business, this handy guide will provide all of the information that you need.

What is EPAL?

The European Pallet Association is an umbrella association of licensed pallet producers and repairers of pallets and storage boxes, which was founded in 1991. Also known as Euro pallets, you may have seen pallets with distinctive quality marks on pallets and storage boxes. This mark means that the pallet meets global safety guidelines to ensure that your business is running safely.

As a globally responsible organisation, EPAL ensures that load carriers are of high quality and meet the standards required when they are regularly inspected. The organisation has been granting licenses since 2013, with a distinct “EPAL in oval” marking on all approved pallets and storage boxes.

There are currently over 30 countries that abide by European standards to ensure that the interests of the trade, logistics, and any industry partners are safe and effective. When shipping pallets internationally or storing your goods abroad, these pallets ensure that your goods have a smooth and hassle-free journey. With EPAL you can have confidence that you will enjoy the following:

1. Safer transport

If you are worried that your expensive goods will not arrive safely, you can be assured that the guidelines instilled by using euro pallets will allay your fears.

2. Stable storage

Euro pallets ensure that storage will be stable. With an industry-standard 800 x 1200 x 144 mm pallet, they are strong, reliable, and quite simply do the job at hand. Since the need for different-sized pallets has increased, there are two other sizes now on offer and EPAL is dedicated to making the necessary changes that the industry demands.

3. Optimum operational safety

As those who implement the system constantly research the industry and ensure that improvements are made where necessary, using euro pallets means that you are using the safest products for your business. Health and safety implications and environmental factors are factors when making changing guidelines.

4. Smooth Operation

Euro pallets are the pallet of choice for businesses around Europe and other parts of the world, which means trading from business to business is a seamless operation. In quarter one of 2016, 18.3 million of these pallets were used worldwide. This is a 5.1% increase from 2015 and an indication of just how popular these pallets are.

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