The stackable Euronorm containers are a standard part of our range. It is an extensive range, available in different sizes and heights. You can choose between closed and ventilated sides and base/bottom. Choose from our different colours, with or without open handgrip(s), and personalise your own Euronorm container. This type is used in all kinds of industries.

Smart Euronorm

The new NE boxes – European standard – offer a much more modern look with their nicer designer shapes. Equipped with a double wall, the corners are rounded and reinforced to avoid any risk related to shock and breakage.

In compliance with European legislation, the NE bin adapts perfectly to the size of 800 x 1200 mm Euro-pallets. This new generation of NE boxes offers a wide choice of configurations with its smooth curved or reinforced bottoms, and with or without perforation to facilitate drainage.

Light, stable and robust, the NE container represents a real advantage, it simplifies the handling and stacking of bins as much as possible with a lid available as an option, minimizing the risk of falling.


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