Plastic Crates

Before you consider purchasing plastic crates or wooden pallets, you should read through the following information.

Check for Spillage

You may think that you can simply wipe the stain away, but you may not know what the liquid was that was actually spilled.

Your pallet or crate may have been used by the food or pharmaceutical industry, for example, so there could be toxins or bacteria contained in the spillage.

Stamp Markings

After identifying the source of any dirt on the pallet, or you have found clean pallets; you will need to check if it has a stamp.

If a pallet has no stamp, it means that it is a national pallet intended for use in one country and is not treated.

There are two things to look out for on the pallet that assure they are safe:

  1. The IPPC Logo: Ensures that the pallet is safe and has not been treated with chemicals
  2. The treatment code: Heat treatment (HT), Methyl Bromide (BM), Debarked (DB) and Kiln Dried (KD)

Most modern businesses use heat treatment rather than Methyl Bromide. However, it is still in use and you should check if your pallet has been treated using this chemical.

Check the History of Your Pallet

If you are a DIYer working on a smaller project, research the history of pallets or plastic crates for sale, to avoid illness or injury.

If you are a business, you must adhere to all regulations to prevent your business from getting into trouble.

The food and drinks industry should be particularly cautious, as they are most at risk of passing on diseases to their customers.

It is recommended that plastic crates are used whenever possible. If you are using wooden pallets, purchasing new ones after use is recommended.

If using recycled pallets is a concern, you may want to look into purchasing them from a reputable company like AIC.

We ensure that all of our products pass all safety regulations. We examine our pallets thoroughly before they are sold or rented.

Contact AIC Plastics today, to find out about our range of plastic crates and pallets. Or browse our current inventory here.