Pallets Dublin

As one of the leading suppliers of pallets in Dublin, AIC Plastic Pallets LTD has introduced a new line of products that are effective and durable.We have vast experience in the storage and shipping industry and therefore we are the go-to firm for companies looking for pallets for sale in Dublin.

Why are we the best? Well, we have been the leading supplier of industrial storage solutions in Ireland for over 22 years. Prior to that we were manufacturing pallets and selling them through our partners Enniskeane Timber Products Ltd.

Always improving our technologies

Our team of researchers and developers pride themselves on improving the technology that we use in our products so that our loyal customers can benefit from our innovative designs. This includes products such as our pallets in Dublin.

We are always eager to research new models and plastic technology so that we can update our range of products when we feel it is necessary.

One of our key objectives is to make our products environmentally friendly, which means that we use recyclable material wherever possible and we encourage customers to reuse products that can be used more than once.

Some of our products are disposable, as we realise that sometimes pallets and boxes offer a one-time solution.

Though, wherever possible, we do advise the use of plastic or metal plastics for long-term use. This is exactly why when it comes to pallets, Dublin is the best place to shop for them.

Carbon Conductive Pallets

AIC offers a comprehensive range of collapsible metal cages, liquid boxes, plastic pallets in Dublin, and many other storage solutions to meet your business requirements.

An example of our careful design comes in the form of carbon conductive pallets. These pallets are made from specially formulated plastic materials that allow for an anti-static effect.

A plastic pallet that has conductive properties offers protection for components from suffering the effects of being near electric fields.

Carbon Conductive Pallets are the preferred pallet of choice for the electronics industry as they meet the demands.

Trackable Pallets

Another product that is in demand is the CR, which is a plastic pallet that is equipped with 2 transponders (13,56 MHz).

The transponders in these pallets offer businesses the opportunity to keep track of their shipments through responsible logistics.

We now offer businesses the opportunity to invest in our all-in-one solution, from the load-carrier plus transponder to the complete installation of a fully integrated system.

We stock many products

Other products that you can find from AIC include:

•    Storage boxes
•    Pallet boxes
•    Returnable packaging
•    Tote containers
•    Protective transport
•    Slip sheets
•    Freezer spaces
•    IBC tanks
•    Securing reels
•    Plastic stacking corners
•    Corrugated sheeting

In addition to the above, we stock timber pallets through Enniskeane Timber Products Ltd, which offers convenience for those who want to purchase from as few companies as possible. Our prices are affordable and cost-effective and you can always rely on the quality of everything that we produce.

To find out more about our range of pallets for sale in Dublin, contact us today to speak to one of our expert advisors.