AIC Plastic Pallets LTD is here to take the stress out of the shipping process. We aim to help you make the best decisions possible for your business.International Shipping Standards

Variety of Sizes

The first thing that you need to understand is that pallets, plastic totes, and storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes. There isn’t a ‘standard size’.

You will need to be precise about sizing when organising a shipment. This will prevent delays and extra costs that you have not accounted for.

Health & Safety Regulations

One of the most important aspects of international shipping guidelines is health and safety, including the prevention of diseases. Wood-borne diseases and insects are a big risk when it comes to using traditional wooden pallets.

The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 is adhered to by the majority of countries worldwide. Its goal is to help prevent diseases that could grow on pallets.

While some industries may have fewer restrictions than others, the food, logging, and agriculture industries have a strict set of guidelines to follow, as they are most at risk.

If a business chooses to use the wrong pallet or storage box they may find that their freight has to go into quarantine or have their shipment destroyed.

To prevent losing time and money, it is essential to know the difference between treated untreated and the rules on using used pallets.

To recognise a treated pallet you should look for the wheat stamp, which refers to the International Plant Protection Seal (IPPS).

This mark will indicate that the pallet you have chosen has been chemically or heat treated by its manufacturer.

Plastic Pallets

As businesses move away from traditional wooden pallets – plastic and metal pallets, and plastic totes are now commonplace.

Plastic pallets, plastic totes, and plastic tote containers are generally more durable so they can be used for multiple shipments or long-term storage.

Just as they experience less wear and tear than wooden pallets, these also harbour little to zero disease. If there are any spillages or viable dirt on the pallets, they can be easily wiped down and deep-cleaned.

As they are not known to carry disease, plastic pallets don’t need to be treated. This makes them a cost-effective solution to all of your shipping requirements.

Long-Term Investment

Plastic tote containers may be more expensive from the outset, but you will benefit financially in the long-run.

If you are concerned about the cost of using plastic pallets, AIC has a number of used pallets and pallets to rent, which may be the answer for your business in the short-term.

To find out more about AIC pallets, plastic totes, and plastic tote containers, contact us today. We offer the best prices and customer service you will find.