Buy wooden pallets

Is your business looking to buy wooden pallets but you are not sure if this is the right option for you? Or perhaps you don’t know what size to buy. If so, this handy guide will help you out.

One aspect of buying wood pallets is realizing that pallets come in a variety of sizes and there is no single ‘standard’ size. While a standard pallet in the UK is 1200 x 1000 mm, there are many variations and specifications that you will need to consider before investing in wood pallets for your business.

This guide should help ensure that when you buy wooden pallets they will suit the needs of your business, whether that is for solution or shipping requirements.

Grade A or Grade 1

Grade A pallets can generally hold up to 1 tonne of goods. These pallets will have big blocks and narrow spaces between the top boards.

Most wooden pallets follow this form. Those looking for a basic pallet that would suit a variety of products cannot go wrong with this choice.

Grade B or Grade 2

A grade B pallet will generally hold up to 750KG and come in a variety of specifications including:

•    PB — with a full perimeter base and flush baseboards that are usually preferred for stacking, making them great for warehouses.

•    Conversion (also known as raised) – are not flush but they do offer a lot of support for a smaller volume of heavy goods.

Grade C or Lightweight

Lightweight pallets are often a combination of PBs and conversion pallets. They can also include 2 ledgers (see below), but they cannot be classed as grade A or B.

Generally, these ‘skinny’ pallets can hold around 200kgm, but some modern versions can hold up to 500kg.

This type of pallet is great if you want cheaper shipping and transport costs. That is if the products that you are moving are not too heavy and do not require too much protection.

3-Leg Pallet

A 3-legged pallet comes without the additional bottom boards. You can buy 3-legged wood pallets in either a medium-weight or heavyweight material and are often used alongside electric pumps and pallet trucks.

The 3-leg is generally the pallet of choice for those in the fruit and veg industry and is easy to transport most food products in general.

AIC Plastics can help you buy wooden pallets, plastic pallets, and aluminum pallets to rent or buy and we are sure that we will have a suitable specification for your products.

AIC Plastic Pallets have many years of experience in the pallet industry and we would love to be the number one provider of pallets for your business.

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