AIC – Bespoke Aluminium Pallets

Bespoke Aluminium Pallets Description

Bespoke Aluminium Pallets can be made to order. These pallets can be made to any size required.

Aluminium pallets are usually used for storing and transporting heavy goods by air or sea, and they are particularly used by businesses that store goods outdoors.

This type of pallet is also popular for use in walk-in fridges and freezers. The most popular metal pallet is an aluminium pallet, as they are strong and hygienic.

The benefits of aluminium pallets

There are many different reasons why businesses prefer and purchase aluminum pallets. We have listed seven of these below:

• Superior strength compared to plastic and wooden pallets
• Will not rot or decay during poor weather conditions
• Not susceptible to pests unlike wooden pallets
• Will not splinter or crack easily
• Environmentally friendly as they are recyclable
• Suitable for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as they are easy to clean
• Long-lasting

Other Aluminium pallets available


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