AIC – Excelsior Box 1000 L


Technical Data:

Ext. Dimensions: 1219 x 1018 x 1147 mm
Int. Dimensions: 1142 x 935 x 943 mm
Unit Load: 1500 kg
Static Load: 8025 kg
Volume: 1000 litres
Weight: 105.3 kg


Combo Excelsior Box Description

Combo Excelsior® Hybrid is safe, hygienic, and efficient for use in the food processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Its double wall construction makes it very strong and durable while the T-shaped locking system maximises safety. With a minimised number of parts, its UV and deep frost-resistant material, the Combo Excelsior Hybrid® is suitable for all harsh industrial environments and can stay stored outside on a long time range. Improved bottom discharge zone speeds up the liner and valve setup and removal. The dust cover on the discharge zone ensures maximised hygiene during empty logistics and handling. All parts can be replaced maximising the life span.

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