AIC – Nestable Bale Arm 600x400x252 mm

Product No: NBAT252

Technical Data:

Ext. Dimensions: 603.5 x 406 x 253 mm
Volume: —-
Weight: 2.01 kg
Temperature Range:
-10 °C to 50 °C


Nestable Bale Arm Tray Description

  • Space-saving stack and nestable design
  • Easy label removal
  • Interstackable
  • Bale-arms to stack and nest
  • Ergonomic handgrips
  • Label holder
  • Easy customisation

Maxinest® is an award-winning, proven leader in the retail market. Maxinest® Plus features a conveyor base allowing it to function perfectly with automated handling equipment. With its high nesting ratio, the Maxinest® is designed to replace one-way transport packaging for food and grocery retail. Reduce your business’ transport costs and improve the efficiency of your supply chain logistics. Maxinest® is the only produce tray offering multi-height options enabling the same tray to be used for different applications. Optimize your warehouse and vehicle fill with the Maxinest®. Print areas on both long sides allow Maxinest® to be customized.

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