AIC – Recycled Hygienic Pallet 1200×800 mm

Product No: TC1-ECO

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 160 mm
Weight: 18 kg
Static Weight: 7500 kg
Dynamic Weight: 1250 kg
Racking Weight: 1000 kg
Material: HDPE
Detail: Single type re-granulated


Recycled Hygienic Pallet Description

Hygienic pallet with a closed-deck ideal for the transportation and storage of bagged goods.

The completely closed TC1 recycled Euro pallet combines the high load-bearing capacity of heavy duties with an excellent price/performance ratio.


  • Patented welding seam geometry of the top and bottom decks ensures the highest impact resistance, breaking strength, and solid wall thickness.
  • Excellent bending strength, ideal for roller conveyors and automated high rack systems.
  • Ideal for transportation and storage of bagged goods.
  • All runners have chamfered edges on both sides for ideal use with forklift trucks.


  • Corrosion-protected reinforcement profiles, for load capacities of up to 1.750 kg in high rack.
  • Rim options: Without, 7 mm, 22 mm.
  • Integration of RFID transponders.

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