This is a new and innovative dolly option from Smartflow plastics, the Smart dolly pack is at its core an 800×600 dolly that can adapt to your requirements. It can be used

  • as a simple dolly
  • as a dolly + boxes (with or without lid on top of the box layers)
  • as a sleeve pack solution ( with a sleeve and  a lid) on wheels
  • as a also use solution with pallet + sleeve + lid and on top of this to add boxes







The dolly itself can be delivered in a simple version or in more sophisticated version

  • Dolly with 2 swivel wheels & 2 fix wheels (no brakes)
  • Dolly with a central brake or with 1 or 2 brakes on the swivel wheels
  • Rubber or plastic wheels
  • Available with or without lid
  • In case of sleeve pack system è sleeve can be locked into the dolly as well as to the lid
  • Sleeve flexibility (height / no of doors / …)
  • With or without hook & handle on the back of the dolly for connecting different units

Other arugments :

  • Robust
  • Personalisation possible
  • Proper and clean stacking
  • Ideal for last mile delivery
  • Space reduction in storage & in transport
  • Can be used internally in a factory as well as for logistic flows